A Greek-Inspired BBQ at The Art House

We held our second Art House supper club on Saturday the 11th of June: a Greek-inspired BBQ dinner.

After a rainy day, the evening turned surprisingly sunny, but we decided to host our secret dinner inside in our dining room to ensure our guests would be fully comfortable and warm. Thankfully, we take as much pride in our art-filled dining room as we do in our landscaped garden, and with plenty of candles to set the mood, we had a beautiful setting for our indoor BBQ!

The multi-course dinner of our Greek supper club at The Art House, June 11th 2016
The multi-course dinner of our Greek supper club at The Art House, June 11th 2016

Our menu for the night was inspired by Greek food but with a modern twist, and all plates proved to be a surprise to the senses with mediterranean tastes and smells, plenty of colour, and beautiful textures:

Mediterranean Appetizers – 
deconstructed Greek salad, dolmades with creamy tzatziki, toasted pita with spicy eggplant hummus
Beef & Rainbow Peppers Souvlaki – served on a bed of orzo & fried capers salad
Pistachio Custard Pie – creamy custard pie topped with toasted pistachios
Cheese Board – selection of Greek cheeses and green grapes
Sparkling water, coffee & tea

To go with this dinner, our sommelier recommended full-bodied red wines, such as Malbec, which complemented our main course.

Our little secret dining experiment has so far proven to be a great success in North Vancouver, with our guests thoroughly enjoying their meals and the buzz slowly growing about The Art House. If you are interested in joining us, remember that we will host our dinners rain or shine, in our beautiful backyard or our inviting dining room!


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