A Unique Father’s Day Celebration

On Saturday the 18th of June, we served a delicious seafood menu for our guests. Our long table was booked by two independent groups, including guests who came all the way from the Sunshine Coast to dine with us at The Art House, and a family of five who came to celebrate an early fathers day in the most unique way!

Despite being almost summer, we once again had to host our dinner in the dining room, as we had the biggest downpour we’ve had in moths. While the weather outside was cold and rainy, the inside of our home was warm and inviting, with candle light illuminating the dining and living room areas, and the evening went on with huge success.

As in all other occasions, our supper club guests that night took advantage of our communal table setting to get to know each other and converse with people outside the groups. As seen before, there were some improbable connections within our different guests, proving that, once we are willing to bring down our barriers and speak with strangers, the world really is small.

Our four-course menu, June 18th 2016
Our four-course menu, June 18th 2016

After a welcome sparkling drink enjoyed in the living room, our guests moved on to the dining room to find a sea-themed table (to go along with our menu), and enjoyed their luscious four-course dinner:

Moules Marinières – Salt Spring Island Mussels in a white wine cream, with fennel & parsley
Potato-Crusted Halibut & Homemade Rosemary Gnocchi – on a bed of asparagus; served with our spicy mango-habanero and fresh mango-avocado salsas
BC Strawberry Cheese Torte – Creamy and light, with plenty of BC strawberries
Cheese Board – Oka, Stilton & Port Salut cheeses; Okanagan red cherries
Sparkling water, coffee & tea

To go with this dinner, our sommelier recommended guests bring dry French white wines such as Muscadet or Picpoul de Pinet which are the perfect for accompaniment for mussels. As an alternative, we recommended Belgian wit bier to accompany the mussels and Oregon pinot Noir to match the delicacy of the halibut. Our guests took the recommendations head on, bringing a range of wheat beers and white wines to go along with their meal!


The dinner was a great success, with all of our guests – both local and visitors – having a great night at The Art House supper club. What an unforgettable way to celebrate a special occasion!

Are you interested in celebrating a special occasion with your family or a group of friends? Join one of our long-table supper clubs or book the entire table for a group of 8 to 10 guests and have a dinner party of your own!


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