A Mexican Taquiza Secret Dinner

On Friday the 8th of July, we paid homage to our Mexican background by bringing the authentic flavour of Mexico to our secret supper club in North Vancouver. We brought out some of our favourite guisado recipes and made this a night to remember!

The Mexican taquiza was once again held inside due to weather, but that did not stop our guests from having a blast. Our group of guests once again was a mix of interesting people coming in different groups, but as in all our other supper clubs, the communal-table setting made friends of these strangers, and everyone (including us!) had lots of fun.

Our host Eamonn serving a variety of tacos
Our host Eamonn serving a variety of tacos

Our welcome hibiscus tea water and guests introductions were hosted in our artsy living room, before our guests moved onto the dining room for what turned out to be a big feast. This time, our dinner consisted of multiple rounds of different tacos, rather than our normal four-course dinners:

Chicken Mole Empanadas
Traditional empanadas filled with pulled chicken in a rich mole sauce.
Assorted Tacos – Pastor (slow-roasted pork marinated in guajillo chili with grilled pineapple); Rajas (Poblano & coloured peppers in cream); and Carnitas (pork loin marinated in tequila and lime, served with avocado and cilantro)
Refried Beans, Rice & Cactus Salad – Self serve from the dishes at the table
Assortments of Salsas to top – Mild Green Salsa, Spicy Chile de Arbol Salsa, Smoky Chile Guajillo Salsa, Fresh Pico de Gallo Salsa
Warm Mango Tacos – Drizzled with Goat’s Milk Caramel
Sparkling water, coffee & tea

To go with our taquiza, we recommended our guests bring an assortment of light Mexican beers rather than our usual wine recommendations. Many of our guests brought beers, but some of them brought plenty of wine and even some tequila to make this a unique night out!

Authentic Mexican dishes at The Art House Supper Club taquiza
Authentic Mexican dishes at The Art House Supper Club taquiza

After our success with this Mexican night, one of our guests advised us we should re-serve our Mexican menu, and we think it’s a great idea! So keep your eyes peeled for a #TacoTuesday supper club this August – we guarantee you won’t want to miss out!

Check out our Upcoming Events page for some great dinners or contact us to book a private dinner party for you and a group of friends.


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