A Unique Father’s Day Celebration

On Saturday the 18th of June, we served a delicious seafood menu for our guests. Our long table was booked by two independent groups, including guests who came all the way from the Sunshine Coast to dine with us at The Art House, and a family of five who came to celebrate an early fathers day in the most unique way!

Despite being almost summer, we once again had to host our dinner in the dining room, as we had the biggest downpour we’ve had in moths. While the weather outside was cold and rainy, the inside of our home was warm and inviting, with candle light illuminating the dining and living room areas, and the evening went on with huge success.

As in all other occasions, our supper club guests that night took advantage of our communal table setting to get to know each other and converse with people outside the groups. As seen before, there were some improbable connections within our different guests, proving that, once we are willing to bring down our barriers and speak with strangers, the world really is small.

Our four-course menu, June 18th 2016
Our four-course menu, June 18th 2016

After a welcome sparkling drink enjoyed in the living room, our guests moved on to the dining room to find a sea-themed table (to go along with our menu), and enjoyed their luscious four-course dinner:

Moules Marinières – Salt Spring Island Mussels in a white wine cream, with fennel & parsley
Potato-Crusted Halibut & Homemade Rosemary Gnocchi – on a bed of asparagus; served with our spicy mango-habanero and fresh mango-avocado salsas
BC Strawberry Cheese Torte – Creamy and light, with plenty of BC strawberries
Cheese Board – Oka, Stilton & Port Salut cheeses; Okanagan red cherries
Sparkling water, coffee & tea

To go with this dinner, our sommelier recommended guests bring dry French white wines such as Muscadet or Picpoul de Pinet which are the perfect for accompaniment for mussels. As an alternative, we recommended Belgian wit bier to accompany the mussels and Oregon pinot Noir to match the delicacy of the halibut. Our guests took the recommendations head on, bringing a range of wheat beers and white wines to go along with their meal!


The dinner was a great success, with all of our guests – both local and visitors – having a great night at The Art House supper club. What an unforgettable way to celebrate a special occasion!

Are you interested in celebrating a special occasion with your family or a group of friends? Join one of our long-table supper clubs or book the entire table for a group of 8 to 10 guests and have a dinner party of your own!


A Secret Dinner Party for YVR Bloggers

On Wednesday the 15th of June, we hosted a group of Vancouver bloggers at The Art House supper club to introduce them to this alluring concept of dining, and their response was magnificent. None of the bloggers had ever gone to a secret dinner before and all thoroughly enjoyed their experience at the Art House.

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With a sunny but cool evening, we once again hosted our supper inside, but the guests had a chance to explore the garden before dinner, and were all mesmerized by its beauty! Inside, the warm candle lights and beautiful decor of our living room created a welcoming setting that complimented the French theme of the evening, complete with a beautiful tablecloth imported from Paris.

French Dinner (Bloggers)

The dinner we served for our bloggers was a light, French-inspired four-course menu full of flavour and homely class:

French Onion Soup – 
the classic way
Galette de Pomme de Terre with Smoked Salmon – topped with capers & garden greens tossed in  a white balsamic dressing
Floating Islands – light merengue, creme anglaise, caramel & toasted almonds
Cheese Board – Port Salut, Buche de Chèvre & Oka cheeses, green grapes 
Sparkling water, coffee & tea

To go with this dinner, our sommelier recommended a dry Riesling or Pinot Gris from Alsace, France, or a sparkling French wine. Our BYOB policy ensured everyone was able to bring exactly what they wanted to drink with their meal.

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The evening once again went without a hitch, with nonstop conversation and laughter in the dining room while our hosts delivered course after course of delicious, quality food. Our French menu proved to be so successful that we decided to use it for our secret supper club on Saturday the 25th of June to give others the opportunity to try it!

If you would like to join one of our long-table secret supper clubs or reserve a private one for a group of 8 to 10 guests, contact us here to enquire about your options!


A Greek-Inspired BBQ at The Art House

We held our second Art House supper club on Saturday the 11th of June: a Greek-inspired BBQ dinner.

After a rainy day, the evening turned surprisingly sunny, but we decided to host our secret dinner inside in our dining room to ensure our guests would be fully comfortable and warm. Thankfully, we take as much pride in our art-filled dining room as we do in our landscaped garden, and with plenty of candles to set the mood, we had a beautiful setting for our indoor BBQ!

The multi-course dinner of our Greek supper club at The Art House, June 11th 2016
The multi-course dinner of our Greek supper club at The Art House, June 11th 2016

Our menu for the night was inspired by Greek food but with a modern twist, and all plates proved to be a surprise to the senses with mediterranean tastes and smells, plenty of colour, and beautiful textures:

Mediterranean Appetizers – 
deconstructed Greek salad, dolmades with creamy tzatziki, toasted pita with spicy eggplant hummus
Beef & Rainbow Peppers Souvlaki – served on a bed of orzo & fried capers salad
Pistachio Custard Pie – creamy custard pie topped with toasted pistachios
Cheese Board – selection of Greek cheeses and green grapes
Sparkling water, coffee & tea

To go with this dinner, our sommelier recommended full-bodied red wines, such as Malbec, which complemented our main course.

Our little secret dining experiment has so far proven to be a great success in North Vancouver, with our guests thoroughly enjoying their meals and the buzz slowly growing about The Art House. If you are interested in joining us, remember that we will host our dinners rain or shine, in our beautiful backyard or our inviting dining room!


Our First Supper Club

On Friday the 3rd of June we celebrated our very first secret supper club at The Art House. With a full table (10 guests), beautiful warm weather, and a delicious menu, we had the perfect start to our underground dining venture in North Vancouver.

Our guests for the evening enjoyed spending time with their own friends and the opportunity to meet new people at the long-table dinner. Conversation was fluid and interesting throughout the entire evening, which created a fantastic and friendly atmosphere.

Our BYOB policy allowed our guests to bring a bottle of their favourite wine, which they started to enjoy in the garden before sitting down at our outdoor dining table for an Italian-inspired alfresco dinner. After our main course, our chef Rose came out to the garden to greet her guests, getting to speak with everyone present and have a little tipple to cheers and thank them for coming to The Art House supper club. The atmosphere only got more enticing as the evening darkened, turning into a romantic candle-lit night by the time the last course was served.

The multi-course dinner of our Italian supper club at The Art House, June 3rd 2016
The multi-course dinner of our Italian supper club at The Art House, June 3rd 2016

As for the meal, the feedback we received from our guests was fantastic! Not only were we left with empty plates course after course (always a good sign!), but the comments to our host and chef – both at the dinner and in the days after – was very positive.

The hearty menu was a beautiful combination of flavours inspired by Italy, one of our favourite countries:

Tuscan Antipasti –
prosciutto, roasted peppers, pickled mushrooms, olives & artichoke hearts with a balsamic reduction
Beef & Mushroom Lasagna – served with our house Caesar Salad
Amaretto Cheesecake – topped with fresh raspberries
Cheese Board – Fontina, Port Salut, & Asiago cheeses and red grapes
Sparkling water, coffee & tea

For this dinner, our sommelier recommended classic Italian red wines such as Chianti, Sangiovese or Montepulciano. Our guests made use of these suggestions, bringing an assortment of great wines to accompany their meals.

Chef Rose thanking our guests
Chef Rose thanking our guests

In the end, I can honestly say our first #ArtHouseSupperClub went perfectly. We are thrilled that our first batch of guests had such a marvellous time and that we were able to share the underground dining experience, our beautiful garden, and our chef’s delicious cooking with everyone who came.

We are looking forward to welcoming more diners to this unique experience in the weeks to come, and hope that you will get the opportunity to experience what we have to offer!