Just Desserts

Some people say that a great dinner is not complete without a delicious dessert. We at The Art House think those people are right!

All of our dinners served at The Art House Supper Club, North Vancouver’s only secret supper club, include a delicious homemade dessert freshly prepared by our chef.

Our Hearty Italian Menu is our most popular meal, and we have tried multiple desserts to go with it since starting our supper club in May 2016. This spring, we found one which compliments this Italian feast perfectly: a light, espresso flavoured flan made with real coffee. This dessert is much lighter than our previous amaretto cheesecake, but fear not, if you book a private dinner and wish to get the cheesecake for your group instead, we are happy to oblige!

Our Light French Supper has one of my favourite sweets, a unique French dessert called “floating islands” made of a fluffy boiled meringue over a bed of creme anglais, topped with toasted almonds and burnt caramel. This multi-textured dessert is not only delicious, but also beautiful – and a real treat to your palate.

Floating Islands French supperclub
Floating Island

A newcomer to our menu this year, our family’s tasty tiramisu recipe has gotten raving reviews from our guests. Full of flavour and incredibly satisfying, but surprisingly light, this is the perfect dessert to top our filling Ossobuco Dinner. When we can, we often add seasonal berries to the tiramisu for an extra burst of flavour.

Creamy Tiramisu Topped with Fresh Raspberries

Another crowd favourite is our pistachio custard pie, served with our Mediterranean BBQ dinner. Incredibly creamy and full of flavour, topped with crushed pistachios for a crunch – this dessert never fails to impress our guests.

Pistachio Custard Pie

Our seafood dinner is complemented with a strawberry tart, a light sponge cake recipe from Germany that has been in our family for as long as we can remember. The sponge is topped with fresh strawberries and homemade gelatin, and we serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

German-Style Strawberry Tarts

If your party is too big for a sit down dinner, fear not… our tapas dinners ALSO include a variety of bite-size desserts!

Mini mango tacos with goats’ milk caramel, lemon cheesecake squares with berries, meringues with vanilla cream and red fruits, and coconut macaroons can all be ordered as part of your tapas desserts. We will also be serving these on our Art House White Night tapas dinner on the 21st of July 2018 – join us to taste them!

We like to switch up the desserts every so often, so returning guests will often have the opportunity to try new things. And if you miss your favourite, we are always happy to substitute the dessert on your menu with one of our old recipes, so you can have your cake, and eat it too.

Private Dinners at The Art House

Did you know you can book The Art House Supper Club to host your very own dinner party? Well, now you do!

While we continue to value the importance of our long-table suppers in Vancouver’s growing dining scene, we also host private parties for all sorts of special events and general friend and family dinners.


Our supper club is the perfect venue to make special occasions that bit extra special, and over the past few months we have hosted milestone birthdays (including a 90th birthday celebration!), bachelorette dinners, friends get togethers and Christmas-time parties.

With four-course dinners starting at as little as $49 per person and our BYOB policy, you too can host an unforgettable dinner at our supper club for a group of 8 to 10 guests (12 if you don’t mind being squished) in North Vancouver’s most unique dining space.

If you have a larger group, we can host up to 22 or so guests with our cocktail-style tapas menu for as little as $35 per person. You can select which tapas we serve out of our wide menu, including vegetarian and gluten free options, and delicious dessert tapas.


Our beautiful art-filled dining and living rooms provide the perfect venue to relax and mingle with your guests while we take care of the food and make sure everything is in order. All you have to do is have a great time and actually enjoy “hosting” your dinner party… and when you’re done, you leave the cleaning to us!

Interested in joining us in North Vancouver’s only secret supper club? Check out our menus and contact us to book your dinner party now!

An International Supper in North Van

Have you ever had an intimate dinner party with a group of strangers from different parts of the world?

Since we started our secret dinners last summer, our supper club dinners have attracted people from all over the world, and our Mediterranean BBQ last Friday the 9th of June was our most international crowd yet!

Host Greek Jun 2017
Our host Eamonn introducing the next course

Guests got to know each other over a glass of wine outside in the garden before heading in to the dining room for a delicious four-course Mediterranean-inspired feast. Our guests included two local North Vancouverites – a teacher and an art consultant; an event planner from India; a Hungarian art lover; and a couple from Belgium and England, who were visiting Vancouver for their honeymoon. Once again, I got to join our guests at the table, adding a Mexican into the mix.

Greek Night jun 2017
1)Our Mediterranean appetizers platter. 2)Table set for our supper Club. 3)Pistachio custard pie. 4)Cheese platter: assortment of goats cheeses and grapes.

The meal began with an appetizer platter with dolmades with tzatziki, a deconstructed Greek salad, and spicy eggplant humus with pita bread. For the main course, we had a freshly-barbecued beef & coloured pepper souvlaki served with orzo salad. Our dessert was a creamy pistachio custard pie, and as usual, our evening ended with a cheese board. Throughout the meal, our guests enjoyed bottles of red wine they brought as per our BYOWine policy.

With an interesting mix of people coming together for dinner, our conversation over the evening ranged from art, to food and wine, travel, theatre, soccer and circuses. We also discussed the best things to do in Vancouver and its surroundings so the honeymooners could make the best of their time in the city. All in all, the conversation was light and fun, and everyone had a great time discovering the appeal of underground dining.

Greek Souvlaki Jun 2017
Our Main Course: beef & coloured pepper souvlaki served with orzo salad

Long-table dinners with strangers will take most people out of their comfort zone, but it is an incredible experience you are sure to remember for years to come. If you wish to try out this unique dining experience in North Vancouver, check out our upcoming events and join one of our long-table secret dinners. For those looking for something unique but not ready to take the full leap, you can book The Art House Supper Club for a private custom-made dinner party of eight or more guests – contact us for details!