Private Dinners

Looking for an intimate venue with great food to celebrate a special occasion? We can host a sit down four-course dinner for a group of eight to 10/12 guests, or a cocktail-style tapas supper for up to 22/25 guests. Choose one of our menus below and Contact us so we can plan an unforgettable dinner party for you and your friends! All of our dinners are BYOB, so check out our sommelier’s recommendations or bring a bottle of your favourite wine to go along with your dinner.

MENU 1: Hearty Italian Dinner – $60/person
This is one of our most popular menus, a hearty lasagna dinner perfect to enjoy with a glass of red in our beautiful garden.
Tuscan Antipasti Plate
Beef & Mushroom Lasagna; Caesar Salad
Espresso Flan
+Bread, sparkling water, coffee & tea
BYOB: Our sommelier recommends Italian reds such as Chianti, Sangiovese or Montepulciano 

MENU 2: Light French Supper – $60/person
Our French menu is popular for those looking for a lighter supper that is still satisfying and delicious.
Classic French Onion Soup
Galette de Pomme de Terre with Smoked Salmon; garden greens

Floating Islands light merengue, creme anglaise, caramel, toasted almonds
Cheese Board
+Bread, sparkling water, coffee & tea
BYOB: Our sommelier recommends a dry Riesling or sparkling French wines

MENU 3: Mexican Taquiza – $60/person
Whether you want to host your very own Taco Tuesday get together, or eat tacos any other night, this is the menu for you. This is a guest favourite!
Chicken tostada OR Empanadas (beef or chicken mole)
Three varieties of tacos 
Refried Beans, Cactus Salad, Mexican Rice
Mango Tacos OR Coconut Flan OR Coffee Flan
+Sparkling water, coffee & tea
BYOB: Our sommelier recommends a red wine or light Mexican beer

MENU 4: Mediterranean BBQ – $65/person
Summer is here, and it is time for a BBQ! If you like Greek food, you’re going to love our Mediterranean menu, featuring a hearty barbecued beef souvlaki and a light dessert. 
Mediterranean Appetizers

Beef & Coloured Peppers Souvlaki; Orzo Salad
Pistachio Custard Pie
Cheese Board
+Bread, sparkling water, coffee & tea
BYOB: Our sommelier recommends full-bodied reds, such as Malbec or Syrah.

MENU 5: Spanish Feast – $65/person
Our family’s special paella is as the centre of this flavourful menu, and for the first time our guests at The Art House can enjoy it as well!
Fresh Greens & Tomatoes with balsamic dressing
Paella (with Mussels, Clams, Chicken and Chorizo)
Coconut Flan OR Espresso Flan OR Mango Tacos
Cheese Board
+Bread, sparkling water, coffee & tea
BYOB: Our sommelier recommends an earthy, full-bodied Spanish or Portuguese red wine.

MENU 6: Seafood Dinner – $75/person
Another Art House classic, our seafood menu is the perfect meal to enjoy on these long summer days.
Moules Marinières
Potato-Crusted Halibut with Mango Habanero Salsa; rosemary gnocchi
Strawberry Tart
Cheese Board
+Bread, sparkling water, coffee & tea
BYOB: Our sommelier recommends a dry French wine such as Muscadet or Picpoul de Pinet, or an Oregon Pinot Noir. You can also accompany your mussels with a Belgian wit bier.

11+ guests tapas menu – $39-$45/person (11 guests minimum).
For bigger groups from 11 to 25 guests, we can serve a casual, cocktail party-style tapas dinner in our intimate living & dining room. This buffet-style tapas setting is perfect for socializing and mingling with a larger group. We have a large selection of vegetarian and gluten-free tapas for this option.
8 assorted savoury tapas + 3 dessert tapas: $39/person
10 assorted savoury tapas + 3 dessert tapas: $45/person
+Sparkling water

*Please note, to reserve your date for a private booking we require a $250 deposit per group regardless of menu; the remaining balance can be paid by cash the night of the dinner – contact us for details.

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